Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quench Your Thirst with Goblin Fruit

Goblin Fruit is a delightful little e-publication whose work features the fantastical and surreal, often with a hint or more of wry humor.  This spring's issue features a lot of water-themes.

I like the concrete movement in Kathrin Köhler's "Submersion":

seaweed growing serpentine through her hair,
undulating and hypnotic


The moon
caressing her skin
with cold light.

Pressed down by the weight of water

Even the music of the words remind me of waves and tides.

Oh, and how uncomfortable does "Zac Efron Being Eaten by a Shark" by Jade Ramsey make you?  Yikes!  (A psychoanalyst would say here that food and sex are closely related.)

Season these tasty dishes with art that is evocative and stylistically primitive.  Love the splashes of red.  Goblin fruit, indeed.

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