Monday, December 17, 2012

Artist Spotlight

Emma SanCartier

We haven't spotlighted a fairy tale artist in several months, so here is some lighthearted relief via the whimsical, folksy illustrations of Emma SanCartier.

6 swans

You could put a lot of things into the category of "folksy," but when I look at her prints, I think of medieval wood stamping with a pleasant, unique mix of Maurice Sendak.

the snow queen

They are highly imaginative and superbly colorful, with luscious sweeps of the watercolor brush and veils of blues and oranges overlapping.  She also uses patterns reminiscent of native textiles.

gerda takes flight

And infuses the old tales with a little attitude.

little red riding hood
rapunzel takes action

Support Ms. SanCartier and snag some cool Christmas presents on her etsy shop.

As always, if you or someone you know is a budding fairy tale writer or artist, Spinning Straw into Gold wants to spotlight them!



  1. Stunning work! These wouldn't be out of place in a children's book...there's just something about the faces, especially Gerda's. What a lovely idea to feature artists, I don't often come across new ones, thank you :)

    1. The one of Gerda is my favorite, and I wouldn't mind a series of pictures in the same style to hang in my little boys bedroom. c:


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