Friday, January 18, 2013


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Storytelling is an ancient art; music and dance more ancient still.

You've heard them.  The songs that make you drop what you're doing, sit up straight, and incline your head to listen hard, as though you've been touched by a ghost.  In this way, songs are ancestors of our storytelling tradition.

Here, some beautiful compositions by fairy tale friends: haunting, otherwordly, and delightful.

"Stronger Than Magic" by Jenna St. Hilaire

"Goblin Girls" by Jeremy Cooney



  1. Wow! Um, thank you... I don't know how you embedded the play button, but cool. I'm going to go listen to Jeremy Cooney's song now.

    Lovely art, too...

    1. There's a feature underneath each individual song that says "embed." Jeremy Cooney's things are often featured on Goblin Fruit, so you can guess they better embody the darker, mysterious side of fairy tales, while yours are light and hope and triumph.

  2. I didn't know you made music, Jenna! What a beautiful voice :)
    Jeremy Cooney's music is great too! I like his lyrics- thanks for sharing these!

  3. Love both of them but I found "Stronger than Magic" haunting. Thanks for posting these.

  4. Thanks!! Yes, I liked "Goblin Girls" as a song on the darker side of faerie. Well done. Christie, can't believe I never noticed that Embed button before. ;)


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