Tuesday, February 26, 2013


In which I collect tidbits that don't belong elsewhere


I just want to remind you all that Spinning Straw into Gold welcomes and is actively seeking guest posts.  So if you have something you think would fit the theme, do contact me.  I don't don't want this blog to subsist entirely of me lecturing!


Here is an imperative, inspirational video all writers and lovers of storytelling should watch.

Thanks to Myth & Moore for sharing.


The 2013 Winter edition of Goblin Fruit is here!

Oh, how I love this journal.  I dream of it being in print one day.


Kristin of Tales of Faerie explores the mysteries of The Twelve Dancing Princesses here and here, with help from the Surlalune series.


I haven't forgot about The Snow Queen series, I've just got a lot of other projects running at the same time.  More installments to come.


This is related to writing, though not fairy tales.  My short story "The Debt," which received an honorable mention in the 2012 Tuscany Prize for Catholic Fiction Short Stories category, is now published in digital format.  Hard copy publications are forthcoming in the next couple of weeks.

I can personally attest to fiction of the highest quality in this collection, and it is very affordable.  It would mean so much if you supported us, either by purchasing or spreading the word.


I'm planning for more Fourth Friday Fairy Tale Prompts in the future, after a brief respite, so thanks to those who have participated in the past, and for those who haven't, look here.

Share it with those whom you think would enjoy participating.



  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the next Fourth Friday Fairy Tale Prompt!

    1. thank you for letting me know! It's definently motivating when I know people are interested in participating!

  2. Yes! I am editing my guest post..not really as we 'speak'..but today! Or tomorrow..all days are the same this week, we can't really go anywhere and all it does is snow ;)


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