Friday, July 20, 2012

Fairy Tale Contest Redux

So, we've had a little time to catch our breaths and reach out to other bloggers and fairy tale lovers.  It's now or never, right?  

The fairy tale writing contest is open for submissions again.

The original rules still apply, except that the deadline has been moved forward to August 20th, 2012.  I am giving it the one month I intended when I initiated the contest.

If you already have yours written, wonderful!  Let it sit.  Come back to it with a fresh perspective and nip/tuck to make it just so, or get some feedback from a trusted friend.  Read it aloud to your dog.  Plant it in soil, water it, see if it grows.

If, however, you're new to the contest, here are the rules.

How to Participate

Using this prompt
copyright Lissie Elle Laricchia
follow the instructions bellow carefully.  Failure to follow the guidelines may disqualify.
  1. Write a short fairy tale story or poem inspired by this photograph.  It must be fantastic or mythical in nature.  Other than that, the domain is entirely up to the author.  Please no stories longer than 3,000 words.  Must be suitable for young adults.
  2. Post the direct link to your entry using inlinkz below.  Then comment to let me know you have entered.*
  3. I retain the right to add to or alter the rules as needed.
Two winners will be chosen to receive a $15 Barnes & Noble gift card.  One entry will win based on creativity, storytelling, language, voice, etc.  Another will be picked at random.  This is so that everyone stands a chance of winning, no matter what their skill levels.

After the contest closes on Aug. 20, I will determine, based on number of entries and their lengths, when winners will be announced.  It won't be more than two weeks, so sit tight until then and enjoy everyone's entries!

Please address any questions you may have in the comments below or e-mail me.

* I am requiring that fairy tales are entered using the inlinkz application, which you will find below, because of my desire for this to be an exercise in sharing our writing for mutual enjoyment and peer support.  Everyone's labor deserves to be regarded and appreciated.  However, it has occurred to me that not everyone has a blog or online presence.  If you are that person, I would be more than happy to host your entry on Spinning Straw into Gold and link it to this post.  Just contact me with your story and information and let me know.



  1. I'd love to enter but I'm off to India very soon. Maybe next time! :)

  2. I added my entry and my brother's. Thanks for putting up this contest. It got me to start writing again!

    1. Thanks, Rebecca, I'm looking forward to reading each of them. c:

  3. Oh, man, I'd love to get into this but don't know whether I can pull it off in the next few weeks. I'll try and mention it on my blog and to my writers' group, at least. The picture is lovely...

    1. Jenna, even if you can't meet the deadline, I'd be happy for you to participate unofficially. And thanks!

  4. Mine's posted! Thanks for hosting this! I really need these little pushes to share my work, and actually edit! :)


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