Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Poem: Step

Rie Cramer
I haven't posted anything original lately, so here's something small and inadequate. 
Thoughts are welcome.
Her stepsister's maiming mistake
was to step into Cinderella's rigid shoe.
Maybe she was wart-ugly or wicked
as a steel blade, but when a square block
pegs a round hole, it's going to fail
or lose its shape.



  1. I LOVED this one! I think it's just the right size. I want to steal these and put them in a book.

    1. You do? :) :) :)

      Thank you! I can never tell. I like the size, too.

      I used to be better about keeping handwritten journals full of my favorite poems, quotes, and excerpts, as well as some original ones, and having friends contribute their poems some times as well. I still spend hours browsing through them.

  2. I do!! With lots of beautiful pictures framing them! I LOVE the idea of journals of poems - from friends as well! So fantastic!!


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