Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Fairy Tale Find

I purchased this hardcover, illustrated volume of Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales for five dollars at an antique shop today.
Can you believe someone would give this up?

Tell me about your awesome fairy tale finds.  Do you collect fairy tales, either in a publisher's series or individual volumes?  Is there a particular translation (or translations) you prefer or recommend?  What is the ultimate deciding factor for you in determining whether or not to purchase?



  1. I would love to find some really old, ornate and beautiful editions of, say, fairy tale inspired works from the Victorian era, when fairies were last en vogue.

    My favourite fairy tale book that I own is a short collection of Brothers Grimm stories that I inherited from my dad. It was originally a Christmas present to him in 1959, and it still has its (very tatty) paper slip over the hardcover. The book is only 50 years old, which is nothing compared to how far back the stories date, but the sentimental value makes it beautiful and very special to me.

    1. I agree. Things people have owned before and cherished - even strangers - make them more valuable to me. So doubly so if they belonged to a loved one.

      My favorite book is a copy of Le Morte D'Arthur that was my grad school supervisor's book when HE was in school!


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