Friday, January 25, 2013

Fourth Friday Fairy Tale Prompt: Volume 2

Martine Johanna, website

How to Participate 


  1. You have until the fourth Friday of next month to use this prompt to inspire a piece of art, music, or writing.
  2. Your piece does not have to be supernatural, as long as it is inspired by the fairy tale prompt.
  3. Post your finished piece on your blog, site, or other online presence.
  4. Link your virtually published piece to this post.  (See inlinlz tool at the bottom.)
  5. Read (or view) the other entries.  Offer insights, appreciation, constructive criticism, and encouragement.  Have fun.
  6. Use the following image in your post and link back to this post so that other people may find us and participate in the future.

Looking forward to sharing the creative process with you!  Please e-mail or leave a comment if you have any questions.

*  Please give credit for the prompt.  Not under any circumstances is the prompt to be used for personal monetary gain; it is the rightful creative property of another.  Nor does Spinning Straw into Gold receive any compensation through the use of these prompts.



  1. Alright! I wrote mine up shortly after I saw this. I'm new to poetry, but I had just wrote a poem a few days ago, so I was still in the mood for it. I don't always know what to think of my work until others talk to me about it (which is a horrible trait to have), so I welcome comments and considerations on my creative writing up on my blog :)

    Thanks for hosting this, it was a lot of fun!!

    1. No, thank you! I look forward to reading it. c:

  2. gorjusss

    I'm in (I think)?

    we'll know on Friday. . .

  3. I'm in! Everything's up!! Now I can safely check out everyone else's ;)


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